Risk management, change management and business development are an essential part of companies in different fields of operation, but very often the tools to make the real changes are missing. The tools are either non-existent or they cannot be implemented. The core competence of HF Risk Management focuses on changing the operations of the customer company in a concrete, organized and objective-oriented manner. To meet the objectives the company uses tools that are applied also in military aviation. This means that the tools have been tested in one of the most challenging environment. The same principles function in all organizations and businesses. The tools are simple, effective, and they increase well-being through work. By using them properly it is possible to accelerate to operations with existing resources.

The tools are among others:
- Training (change management, attitude, culture etc.)
- Reporting
- Operational Risk Management (ORM)
- Annual action plans
- Unifying operations
- Instructions, e.g. Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
- Safety Management System (SMS)